5 Staycation Prep Tips to Have Fun at Home

5 Staycation Prep Tips to Have Fun at Home

A dad with his two sons camp out in the backyard of their home due to the coronavirus restrictions and quarantine.

Life can be a stressful endeavor sometimes. Between work, family, and the world at large, we could all definitely use a break. While a nice vacation would do the job here, not all of us are willing or able to take the time to go traveling somewhere. Instead, why not try a staycation at home? As much fun as staycations can be, plenty of people don't really know how to do things right and end up not being able to enjoy their time off to the fullest. To keep that from happening, here are five staycation prep tips to have fun at home.

1. Finish Work Early Before the Staycation

If work is what you're trying to escape with your staycation, it's only logical to finish things up there early. The key to a successful staycation is the mindset; if you can't eliminate the things that make you stressed, you'll just find yourself sitting at home worrying. If you can get all of your work and other responsibilities done a day or two ahead of time, though, you'll be able to take it easy and shift into relaxation mode.

2. Plan Your Activities

While it might be tempting to just wing it on a staycation, having a list of things you want to do while you relax can help out a lot. Though you might be content with sleeping for the first day or two, you'll likely get restless after that. You don't have to stick to a strict schedule, but outlining some ideas for games to play, movies to watch, projects to catch up on, and the like will help you fill out your staycation with fun and productive activities.

3. Fix Up Your Home

Just like a vacation, your location can really set the tone for a staycation. If your house is dark, dingy, and full of grime, you'll be too depressed to really enjoy what you're doing. Take the time to tidy things up, stock up the pantry, and other things before you shift into staycation mode. This keeps your home feeling fresh and comfortable, and making a trip to the store beforehand means you won't need to interrupt your relaxation to grab some groceries.

4. Budget

A staycation might not come with as big of a price tag as a traditional vacation, but it's still likely to cost a bit of money if you plan to do anything special. Setting a budget for the activities you plan is a good way to keep yourself on track. A budget will heavily depend on what your staycation plans actually are, so take the time to outline these figures as you plan things out ahead of time.

5. Prepare Against Interruption

People have a nasty habit of trying to interrupt people while they're on vacation. Whether it's the office calling in to try to get you to do work or just someone trying to bother you to hang out while you try to relax, it can put a real damper on a staycation when people keep calling you. Unless you're open to doing all of this, make it clear you shouldn't be interrupted until your staycation ends. You could also just turn your phone off.

Prepare for Your Staycation

While vacations aren't always in the cards, a staycation can be just as fun. Try out these five tips to prepare for a staycation to maximize your enjoyment and relaxation.


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